Monthly archives:April 2015

  • 1. The Greyfalcon Boatbuilding Blog

  • So, Greyfalcon has decided to build a boat, and I am informed, by various friends, that there should be an accompanying blog. ¬†Ok, I can cope with the learning curve of how to build a boat but the blog technology!!!! I shall include lots of pictures and probably few words. OK so I was a photograp[...]
  • 2. The initial flurry of excitement!

  • So, having decided to build a boat, I found some plans. It was to be a 5.8 metre 'Barrelback' from Glen-L in America. It has early Chris Craft DNA and would test my woodworking skills to make one as good looking as those on the Glen-L web site. I should add that my woodwork has been confined to medi[...]