Monthly archives:June 2015

  • 7. Engine decided on

  • After hours of research I have decided to go back to an internal combustion engine.  The electric route was outragously expensive so has fallen by the wayside.  Instead I have gone for the engine that I think most people have chosen, the Mercruiser 4.3 litre V6. It looks like good value for money an[...]
  • Tools List

  • Again I just thought it might be a useful list. 1.  Robland NLX 410 combination  (saw, planer thicknesses and spindle moulder) 2.  Axminster dust extractor 3.  Festool Rail Saw TS55 4.  Festool Jig saw 5.  Festool Domino machine DF 500 6.  Festool Sander BS75 7.  Festool Sander [...]
  • List of suppliers

  • I thought this might be helpful if you are in the UK. I shall add to the list as new suppliers become involved. 1. Axminster High Wycombe.   01494 885480  (tools and West System epoxy) 2.  Chilworth Timber, Milton Common.  01844 278902  (Steve or Rob) 3.  Glen-L Marine Designs USA.[...]