IMG_9197Thanks for dropping by the Grey Falcon boat build page. Having started this blog I thought I would just add some periferal information  …  just in case anyone is interested.

I worked as a fashion photographer in London from the early 1980s until about 2000. I briefly moved into television commercials before being hooked on the beautiful ‘superyachts’ that were being built. As I knew I would never be able to afford one I took to photographing them. This all happened at the time Shelley, my wife, and I were building a house which ended taking all the time I had and let me slip gently into retirement. Then followed a few years of furniture making both in New Zealand, where we went to live for a while, and back in the UK, where we are now.  The house is now full of wooden furniture so I needed another outlet for the woodwork to continue. So, as we live a hundred miles from the sea  ……

The blog will be updated reasonably often and certainly as long as the build continues and is looking good.

Grey Falcon.