Greyfalcon’s Boat Building Blog

IMG_2354So, Greyfalcon has decided to build a boat, and I am informed, by various fiends, that there should be an accompanying blog.  Ok, I can cope with the learning curve of how to build a boat but the blog technology!!!!

I shall include lots of pictures and probably few words. OK so I was a photographer in a previous life, so the photograph is more my world than words.  Of late, I have spent the last five years making furniture (pictures to follow) and thought I would turn my hand to a bigger project.

The boat I shall be building is a 19′ Barrelback from plans by Glen-L. Lots of people have already made some beautiful examples so the pressure is on to make mine as good as I can. It seems that time and patience are the essential ingredients, together with a modicum of skill with wood  …   we shall see.

I will take a while as I live half my life in the UK (where I shall build the boat) and half in New Zealand.

Watch this space, please, but not too often.


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