11. Build continues

Not much to report, but started the ‘chine logs’.  I hate to think how much sanding is going to be needed.

Two days on and the Chine Logs are fixed. It took a lot of effort to bend and twist the timber into place but with the help of my faithful neighbour Michael we managed it.

I then moved on to the ‘Sheer Clamps’. These form the line where the deck meets the freeboard (sides). They are two timbers 3/4″ x 1.1/8″ or 19mm x 27mm. They are added one at a time and epoxied together. I put one in place and just managed to bend it enough to get a couple of screws to bite. Then I tried fitting the starboard sheer, which I managed to do, but overnight it split! So I though I would try out the wallpaper steamer I bought (£34) and I found this link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–iPQIwSEJM.  This fellow ‘Shipwright Louis Sauzedde’ is excellent, and this wood bending technique is superb. I cut out the broken piece and steamed the replacement for about 45 minutes and it bent with no effort. I left it clamped in place on Friday evening and tomorrow, Monday, I will go and attach it. Huge thank you to you, Louis.

I have also cut in a few battens and I think that this week will see the structure finished  … bar the sanding of which I think there will be about a week’s worth!  Not looking forward to that bit but I have bought some new masks in anticipation.




IMG_1710 IMG_1703

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