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So, Greyfalcon has decided to build a boat, and I am informed, by various friends, that there should be an accompanying blog.  Ok, I can cope with the learning curve of how to build a boat but the blog technology!!!!

I shall include lots of pictures and probably few words. OK so I was a photographer in a previous life, so the photograph is more my world than words.  Of late, I have spent the last five years making furniture (pictures to follow) and thought I would turn my hand to a bigger project.

The boat I shall be building is a 19′ Barrelback from plans by Glen-L. Lots of people have already made some beautiful examples so the pressure is on to make mine as good as I can. It seems that time and patience are the essential ingredients, together with a modicum of skill with wood  …   we shall see.

It will take a while as I live half my life in the UK (where I shall build the boat) and half in New Zealand.

Watch this space, please, but not too often.


I shall be uploading lots of pictures. Please do not steal them, they are all copyrighted to me David Grey (except where indicated). If you would like to use them, please ask. As long as you do not intend to make millions from them I will let you use them.  Thank you

Greyfalcon Boat Building Blog

Greyfalcon Boat Building Blog


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