13. Progress report

Lots of progress this week mostly due to my new found American friend David Miller.  We met David and his wife Mona at the Henley Wooden Boat Show a few weeks back and David was keen to have a look at the boat build. I did not realise that he wanted to participate and as he is an engineer by profession and by nature he came up to the studio for two days and we did a huge amount of work. Crikey,  he did all these sheets of numbers!!! and cut the batten notches very accurately. I am trying to convince him to stay in the UK for at least a few months … we could have most of it finished by then!!!!

So nearly all the battens have been put in on the hull. Used the wallpaper steamer technique a lot.  The sheers are nearly all in and the sheer battons go in in a week’s time after a short drive to Amsterdam in the Aston!   A big thank you to Mr Miller.


IMG_1950 IMG_1949 IMG_1948

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