15. This boat is going to be the death of me!!!

Sanding, sanding, sanding  …  and yet more sanding. I estimate about five full days of sanding and that is just to get it up to the point where I can coat the interior of the shell with epoxy. I have used nearly a whole box of 30 circular grit discs and about 40 triangular for the 90mm sander, a file, a rasp and the 125mm sander as well.   I even swept and vacuumed the floor!  The limbers were cut in, or rather routed, and they needed sanding also. The good news is that I have now finished one coat with the second to be done tomorrow and it does look quite good, apart from the drips, but at the end of yesterday as I was locking up shop I saw the drips and thought ***** expletive deleted …. don’t care!  There is a lot more to do, most of which will be done when the hull is turned over.

Limbers, I hear you say? They are the water drain holes that run along the floor. (Well it saved you looking it up.)

So now I can think about the first plywood covering which I hope will go on easily. The only part that worries me is the bow, but as I am starting at the stern it should follow an organic path? No?

I am giving myself plenty of time as business has got in the way and I am needed in Oxford! So don’t expect too many updates over the next few weeks, and anyway the Rugby World Cup is on and Australia or New Zealand are going to win  ……….

So here are the pictures:—–







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