26. Just some updates.

I have been trying to get the boat to the point where it can be fibreglassed and turned over. I would have liked to have turned it over before I left for the annual NZ trip but ¬†….

Below are pictures of the finished engine/gearbox mounts. 10mm mild steel, I think it should cope!  They will be finished and painted before fitting to the boat.

Also I cleaned out the spaces for, and cut three of the little triangular spills on the sides, and they will go in tomorrow, as well as sizing up where the propellor will go. As soon as that is properly aligned, I will drill the shaft hole and the rudder hole.

I am now running the engine every few days. I have organised a water butt to supply the engine but I failed to appreciate how much water the engine churns through it! One water butt full will last about 4 minutes, so I have introduced some plumbing so that the exhaust and the circulated water goes back into the butt, very efficient except that the carbon monoxide warning alarm in the studio went off!

img_5994 img_5989 img_5990 img_5992img_5996img_5986img_5999img_6001


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