27. It’s been a while

Time has been taken up with ‘extracurricular’ events but I have now been back in the studio for a few days and I am nearly finished with the bottom and sides covering with sapele.  And I hope you agree that it is looking quite good. I have shaped up the ‘barrel’ end  which is almost identical one side to the other, actually within 10mm.

I have also been in touch with a company who will supply me with prop shaft, strut, prop and the ‘through the hull’ engineering, as well as rudder etc. The next stage is to drill the rudder and propshaft holes and position the strut before we sand the entire hull absolutely flat, then we can fibreglass the whole thing.  Then we can turn it over!!!!

Martin (my yard neighbour) has completely rebuilt the gearbox and found that it needs a new oil pump which is on it’s way from the USA as I write.

So, not many pictures but they do show progress.

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