29. Take a good look!

…  as this is the last time you will see it like this. Yes, this is it, folks. The hull gets fibreglassed this weekend. The whole thig is sanded and faired to within a millimetre of it’s life and I think looks pretty good. All edges softened and the waterline will go on tomorrow before Mark gets there.

Mark Bestford and his wife are joining me and Shelley for a two day epoxy/fibreglassing extravaganza. Mark runs (and owns) Boatwork and is going to instruct, help and advise me on how to do it. Have a look at http://www.boatwork.co.uk. Meanwhile here are some pix for your entertainment. 25 litres of resin, 207 harder, 35 meters of fibreglass, 15 meters of peal ply, not to mention stirrers, mixing pots (from the local catering company) squeegees, 4 blue overalls and hundreds of plastic gloves.

I have decided to drill the prop shaft and rudder holes after the fibreglassing and probably after turning the boat and getting the engine in. I think I can be a bit more accurate with my drilling that way. Also I have had so much trouble trying to get a rudder and prop etc from any UK company that I have gone to the US sites and found them with ridiculous ease. They are on the way. I can only think it would have been easier if I wanted twenty!!!!  Tides Marine are bringing the stuff over for me and supplying me with bearings and seals. They have been very helpful.



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