30. What a difference a day makes!

So here it is looking very shiny after three coats of epoxy. Mark decided it would be better to completely cover the boat first. Tomorrow we will be putting two coats of fibreglass on it up to the waterline. The hardener goes off very quickly but cures  rather slowly and today we were plagued by bad rollers that we had to replace rather more often than we would have liked. But it looks great and the fairing looks better than I had anticipated.

Julie and Shelley were brilliant at mixing, lunch, tea, nattering, and looking after the dogs, Wagner and Hassel, not to mention looking so fashionable in the blue suits, ! Thank you girls! And thank you Mark, a great day.

Enjoy the pictures and I will post some more of the fibreglassing tomorrow.  Going to bed now   …  exhausted   …..  it’s harder than you think!

And that critical advise  …..


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