31. Epoxy, more epoxy, and even more epoxy with a bit of fibre-glass.

Well, that was an eventful weekend! Saturday is on number 30, but Sunday?  Started at 09.00 flattening the epoxy we put on the day before then started on the glass-fibre. Patience and determination required. Thank you Mark and Julie for supplying both in abundance! although Shelley and I put in our fair share. But by 21.00 we were all exhausted, all that is except for Mark and Julia.  Wagner and Hassel (yes, that really is his name) were both very hungry as well.

We did manage the two layers of glass-fibre and a layer of peal ply. Over the weekend we used 12 kilos of resin and 4.5 kilos of hardener 207. We got through 20 metres of glass-fibre, 8 meters of peal ply, 120 pairs of plastic gloves, 40 rollers and 5 litres of acetone.

Job done and looking very beautiful, ready for the next stage of pealing off the peal ply and applying the fairing compound to get the hull really smooth. Then two coats of epoxy primer followed by three coats of paint. I think that is all!  Can we turn the bloody thing over then please mister?  But as in all things style matters, and you have to agree we did look stunning in our blue suits!  I’ll add a film and a day or two.

Boat films 2 – Medium

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