33. Is there anybody out there?

It would seem that there is radio silence from all my myriad of readers. Not a word, where are you all?

Well, who cares, I am having some fun!  The last couple of weeks have been all about sanding. I have had the bottom of the boat to sand and fair which has been a bit challenging but quite good fun! I was recommended the 410 as a filler as it made fairing easier, but I found it a bit too soft and prefer the 407 as a fairing filler.  So then I sanded the sides (I say sanded with ease but it is a two day job, approx. 8 hours) and gave them a layer of epoxy which I smoothed on with a 3.5 inch roller cut in half, or rather several rollers cut in half. When I left it last night it was perfect. This morning however it transpired that there were some drips, but more disturbingly there were some ‘contamination’ marks like little eyes all over the boat!!! So back to the sanding. They will have to be cut back and redone, but as to what they were  …  I think they were the result of not washing the amine blush off the boat properly  …   mea culpa!  Today I test sanded a small area and I can cut it back without taking everything I put on, so I am gradually building up the surface to look very good.

But that is all history as today was the first day for priming the hull! So enough said, here are the pictures. The first of which is the hull looking muti-toned, but with the sides gently covered in another coat of epoxy. Then the Jotun collection, and the caption for the fourth picture is “Do Festool really love me?” (this is a small sample of what I have used!). The final pictures are of the studio draped in plastic for the painting of the primer, and before any one says it the primer was still wet when I took the pictures!  The final Jotun paint is the Megagloss in Leo Blue. I’ll post it as soon as I have done it.

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