34. It’s blue!

After waiting the requisite 7 days for the primer to properly harden, my painterly friend, Michael, and I flatted the primed surface and gave the hull it’s first coat of paint. It is a lighter blue than I was expecting, the paint code brochure and the can made it look darker, but I am not unhappy (actually very happy just to see some colour on the thing) as it still looks great.  Saturday saw a further flattening of the first three coats of paint folowed by another three coats.

We now leave it for another 7+ days to really harden and then we will gently flatten and polish it to a brilliant shine!

Then can I turn it over, please!!!!  Actually, no, as it needs a couple of coats of polish, or so my technical department (Mark at Boatwork) tells me. This protects it and of course is much easier to put on when the boat is upside down. Then there is the 25mm white line that I would like to put between the blue and the wood.

So we are probably 2 weeks from turnover.  Enjoy the pictures. The blue ones are just the first three coats unpolished and show that the fairing is not too bad!


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