35. It’s over!

On Tuesday we did it. Yep, we turned the boat over. It has taken two years and five months from the start date and I could not be happier.  A huge thank you to James and his brother Iain, Michael, Lubo, Nick Reaston-Brown and Mike Bathurst. Not forgetting Shelley, who dished out the sandwiches, beer and chocolate cake afterwards, as well as taking a few pictures. Wags was there wondering what all the fuss was about.

I did not mention that we spent two days polishing the blue paint then had the grey line to add also. I think the combination looks excellent. In the end it had about six coats of primer followed by six/seven coats of the blue paint. That was followed by a 1200 grit wet and dry, 1500 in some places then the polish. There are a few light scratches that were down to my overzealous rubbing with the wet and dry, but only the fish will be annoyed by it.

I am really pleased how the interior looks. There are many other boatbuilds out there that look a lot neater and more professional but mine is very strong and after some cleaning up and washing off the amine blush followed by a light sand and a coat of paint, it will look as good as the others.  The next phase of the build will begin with the engine going in and the various holes drilled for water intake, final drive, rudder, and engine room venting as well as exhausts. Then I am going to do some woodwork!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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