40. Engineering nearly done.

Well, fingers mended so I have tried to get a wiggle on with the engineering. As you know this is not my favourite element of this boat build, but it has to be done and if not to cost a fortune then it is down to me to do it.  I have had help from the very knowledgable Mark Dooley at Lancing Marine who just seems to know all kinds of stuff!  Thank you Mark.

I have had to replace the exhaust manifolds that were sold to me by the fool I bought the engine from. I am sure that he knew he was selling my some duff manifolds that were a bad design, but I decided that if this boat/engine is going to last any time at all then what is another £1000! Yes folks a 1000 pounds, plus the fact that two sets got ‘lost’ in the delivery system. Anyway, job done, and they look very shiny! It has taken two years to find a dip stick and fittings and I found one at a marina 30 miles away on a broken engine, (two days taken up with that).

So what else has been done. 1. New cast bronze rudder seal/stuffing box. Now fitted. 2. Fitted the hydraulic actuator arm, and the rudder. Hydraulic hoses attached and awaiting the steering hub to be fitted. These had to have supporting plates and brackets made for them which seemed to take ages, but the good news is that my metalworking skills have increased with the welding help of James my landlord. Thank you James. 3. All the prop shaft to gearbox connections now permanent, prop shaft fitted as well as the Tides Marine shaft seal. This has also had the water supply added, (that is the red bit on the prop shaft). 4. Water supply to the engine now finished. The water comes in by the P bracket and goes through a ball valve to the raw water filter,  then to the gearbox oil cooler, then to a fitting to supply water to the shaft seal and also has a fitting to attach a garden hose for system washout. Then on to the water pump at the front of the engine. 5. One exhaust fitted (second in a day or two) as well as the exhaust outlets. 6. Fuel tank positioned but not secured. Fuel supply hose etc. will be fitted in due course, but I have started the electrical supply.

In the cabin area, I have installed and epoxy painted the flooring ready for the seating arrangement to begin next week. There will be some design work to do as I have looked at a lot of boat interiors and have not seen anything I really like, but have taken some details for reference. I have some upholsterers coming to have a look this following week to give me some advice. That is one area of this boat build that I am definitely not going to be doing myself.

So that is about it, easy and quick to write about but a lot of work done so I can now get back to doing some woodwork!

Happy viewing.


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