43. So you think I have been idle again.

I have been back in the UK for nearly 6 weeks now from an extended NZ summer and rather than drip feed information about the boat build I thought I would wait until there was a significant amount to tell you, so here we go.

My aim is to get the boat finished this year and I have done a real push, firstly the electrics are all in and working. There are three sets of lighting, the engine room, cabin (4 subtle downlights) and the bow storage room has it’s own light as well. I have fitted a bulkhead to seal off the bow storage area, with a door into it. I shall keep the fenders in there and a few lengths of rope as well as an anchor. The 120 litre fuel tank is secured with cables and turn-buckles, minimalist and very smart. Sender also fitted.

The bilge pumps are in and plumbed with non-return valves to both as well as the electrics working. One is a manual switch from the fuse box and another is automatic from a float switch. The blower fan for the engine room is also working. This will ventilate the engine room before the engine is started after the boat has been left for a while. Fumes will gather in the engine room and need to be dispersed before introducing sparks of any kind. There will be four vents fitted to the deck for the exit fumes. The nav lights are also in and working, although final fix will happen after the next bit of woodwork obviously. There is also a radio/USB/bluetooth music system with two speakers installed and working.

The problem of where to mount the fuse box has been a source of worry until I saw a similar boat that had a central column rather like in a car and I really liked the way it looked, so … I built one. It houses all the cables and the sound system and looks very good. I was able to tye in the zebrano timber that I have used on the dash board as well.

The dash has been finished and all the clocks are in place and wired up. and this week I have asked an electrician to come over and check out my wiring and finish the last two cables to the engine so on Wednesday afternoon the engine will fire up again!!!! Then we will see if the gearbox leaks the dipstick port dribbles oil and the water intake system is fit for purpose!!!

All the interior sub-furnishings have had a coat of epoxy paint (looks insignificant but took a week) but for the seats which are going through a redesign process. The reason for this is that the rear seats have very little leg room and by making a recess into the back of the the front seats , the folks at the back can be more comfortable.

Hopefully by the end of this week I will be able to do some woodwork yyyeeeehhhhhhh!!!! In mid June SFG and I are taking a few weeks off to drive to Denmark via Holland and Germany so the boat will have a rest from all this activity, but when I get back I shall order the trailer and get the interior furnishing people to measure up.

I hope that is enough for you all to be getting on with. Until next time enjoy the pix.

Before the epoxy and lacquer.

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