44. Project update

I have not written for a while as I have been hoping to finish the boat and be able to post some shots of the boat on the water, but it is not to be. The finishing is proving to be very fiddly and time consuming. so instead I have decided to upload some ‘progress’ pictures. Things like my 70th birthday have interrupted the proceedings, but I can recommend the Beef Wellington at The Ritz in London!!!

As a brief description … With all the engineering and wiring done, stereo working, engine turning over (although I need to put the whole hull in deep water or I am told the impeller will self destruct!) so very happy with that.

Attention now turned to the cockpit. I saw another boat where they had outlined the cockpit with a white wood, so I have made the maple surround (which was fun if a little time consuming). I have finished the floor which is maple and a fine mahogany stripe. This will be a contrast to the decking which will be mahogany with a fine maple stripe. I think it will look great when it is resined and lacquered. Then on the the walls which will be maple with a slight shadow gap/chamfer just to give it some form.

Today I installed the throttle and gear leaver although they have yet to be connected. Everything is covered in resin and needs cleaning off and shaping but it is beginning to look alright. Enjoy the pix … more to follow.

I have also shaped the bow, ordered the upholstery and prepared all the timber for the decking. The bow white line I could not do in one pieces it is 18mm thick and kept snapping even after being steamed for an hour. I ended up cutting it in two and it bent perfectly.

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