45. You should see this!

I just thought I would insert a quick update to show you how the cabin is coming along. Hope you like it.

The cushions are the exact same colour as the hull paint, selected on purpose of course, together with the pale grey piping as the ‘plimsole line’ on the hull. Thanks to Sparks Marine Trimmers in landlocked Chilton village.

The interior walls are now nearly completed and will be resined within a week (lacquered after that). I have managed to get the throttle/gear lever to work but I’m not very happy about it. They are not very ‘positive’ in their action but I’ll work on that.

Sorry about the footprint on the passenger cushion!
The Sparks Marine Trimmers team of father and son, Vernon (father) and Liam (son).
This is my old friend James Twitchen, landlord and primary adviser, trying to make the throttle lever work! Thank you James.

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