46. A small update.

I was hoping to have had all but the finishing touches done before this year’s trip to NZ but events have hindered that. I have had to have an operation to remove my cancerous prostate. It has not only stopped the boat building but also delayed our trip down under.

However, before medics stopped play, I did manage to get the engine hatch built as well as the small hatch needed to get to the rudder. This means that all that now has to be finished is the stripes of mahogany and maple that hopefully will make the decks look beautiful. I have begun the planning as you can see. After that will be a couple of weeks of fairing/sanding/longboarding, loads of fun!

I have almost all the deck brightwear, vents, windscreen, cleats and fairleads. All ready to be fitted after final fairing, resin and varnish coatings.

For now here are just a few pictures. See you next year!

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