49. Lots has happened.

It’s been a long time since the last post in December, Shelley and I were locked down in New Zealand until June 2020, we were supposed to leave in March! so no building happened until we returned. There were three boat shows that I was looking forward to displaying the Grey Falcon at, but they were all cancelled, so I now have until next year to finish the project at my leisure…….

Leisure!!!! Stuff that! Since I have been back the last of the deck planking has been installed, the whole boat has been faired to within an inch of it’s life and two of four, coats of epoxy applied to the whole boat.

In more detail, the deck planking took two weeks, followed by the fairing … I don’t mind a morning of sanding but a whole week …. and then some. Getting the sides to look similar and the deck to look smooth … Festool love me for the amount of sanding discs I have bought!!!!!!

I have a new recruit, Archie, 17 year old rugby player, grandson of neighbour Meryl and clearly in need of fitness training … sanding. He has done very well, thank you, Archie. With the help of Shelley as epoxy-mixer, we put on the first coat of the resin. Then a day and a bit of sanding and the second coat went on. Two more coats, with sanding in-between, and then the finish coats of shiny stuff, so not far to go. Except that the interior of the cabin is yet to be done, watch this space……..

I now have and anchor with chain and rope, a GPS unit (hand-held), a VHF radio (also hand-held), life-jackets, fenders in navy socks, and mooring lines. The new throttle has been fitted and works perfectly. All the deck bling is waiting to be fitted. I even have the gas struts for the engine bay door!

The trailer has been delivered. Beautifully made, SBS Trailers, four wheeled trailer with extension bar and brake wash system. I’ll demonstrate these at a later date, but suffice it to say that this boat needs to be floated off the trailer so needs to be reversed further into the water, thus the extension system. If the brakes have been submerged in salt water, they can be washed out after just by connecting a hose to the connector.

Enjoy the pictures.

The cabin has had one coat of epoxy, two more to follow
Throttle fitted and working
We work sooooo fast!!!!
Note the bar at the side.
Brake system and water wash of the brakes in the foreground.

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