5. Now to get started

It has been a busy time of collecting all the machines, nuts and bolts and screws that I did not already have, not to mention the extra clamps, and I’m still not sure I have enough.

I have even bought a van!  and as everything in this household gets a name, the van is called Manfred (yep, as in Manfred Van, or the Red Baron who was also called Manfred). Actually I bought it so that I would stop wrecking my lovely Volvo. It is great to be able to chuck stuff in the back and not worry about scratching anything. I shall sell it after this project (unless there is another one). I aslo bought an oscillating bobbin sander which I thought would be useful, and I shall be selling my morticer that I have hardly used at all as I need the space.


Yesterday the timber arrived. Cripes, there is rather a lot. Not all that I need but this will do all the framework. It is mostly Douglas Fir with the motor stringers and a few other bits in Sapele. I also had it all machined as my machines and space don’t allow and I’ll probably die of old age before I get it done.

The wood store was well down on stock, but now



So now I have to get serious!!!!! Actually I am in awe of all this, furniture making is so small in comparison and mostly straight lines  …  but in for a penny, in for a pound. Or rather about three thousand pounds so far and that is without Manfred.

Tape measure, saw, action  ………


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