52. Launch at last!

Tuesday the 15th of September 2020, five years and 6 months from the start of this mammoth project the hull of the Grey Falcon finally touched water. The really helpful guys at the Queenford Lake at Dorchester-on-Thames let me loose on their water-skiing waters on a blissfully warm day in the sunshine. The boat sat perfectly on the fresh water and the engine started second time and apart from needing a tune-up powered the GF perfectly, even with five healthy sized bodies on board. To say I am happy would be an understatement, even with the last bits and pieces to finish like the windscreen and the cutwater. There are also a few small areas of paint to repair, but apart from that the Grey Falcon is good to go.I think the final result looks very good, not perfect but not at all bad for a first time!

The trailer is excellent, with the 2.5 metre bar extension proving very useful in not having to back the entire Hilux into the water. The Hilux proved itself as a towing vehicle especially with low ratio 4×4.

Here are some pictures and a short film (not very good footage, but more to follow).

Now that the ‘sea trials’ are completed there will be an ‘official launch’ party also at Dorchester-on-Thames in a few days time . Invites will be sent.

Hope you like it.

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