7. Engine decided on

After hours of research I have decided to go back to an internal combustion engine.  The electric route was outragously expensive so has fallen by the wayside.  Instead I have gone for the engine that I think most people have chosen, the Mercruiser 4.3 litre V6. It looks like good value for money and is obviously tried and tested. Not to mention that it will sound good and produce the required amount of power.   The learning curve continues unabated!

Meanwhile here are some more pictures from the end of last week. I have decided to ‘domino’ the butted joints before adding the gussets. Next is one completed frame and the transom being stuck, this epoxy is mucky stuff!!! And the rough cut of the front stem being glued. Then frame 6 ready for Monday morning.

This is such good fun that I cannot help thinking that I am making fundamental mistakes!! Albeit that I still have not mastered the dark art of finishing the rounded shapes, but by the time I finish this boat ….. the next one will be perfect!

IMG_1132 IMG_1137 IMG_1139 IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1217

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