4. The Studio is ready

I have now cleared the space in my studio for the work to begin. The timber for the frame has been ordered but as there was so much of it I am having it all machined for me.

My studio consists of 875 sq ft of space. A New Zealand flag and an Australian flag (yes, I am both! as well as a Brit.)  I have a Robland combination machine, (saw 2.4 metre cutting length) planer thicknesses and a spindle moulder. A band saw, and loads of Festool equipment, except the 1/2 inch router which is DeWalt. The morticer is going as I no longer have need of it.  As you can see my dog, Wagner, is already bored.

IMG_0656 IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0658IMG_0670IMG_0669IMG_0665IMG_0663

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