Tools List

Again I just thought it might be a useful list.

1.  Robland NLX 410 combination  (saw, planer thicknesses and spindle moulder)

2.  Axminster dust extractor

3.  Festool Rail Saw TS55

4.  Festool Jig saw

5.  Festool Domino machine DF 500

6.  Festool Sander BS75

7.  Festool Sander Random orbital 150mm

8.  Festool Dust extractor

9.  Axminster bobbin sander

10. Axminster bandsaw industrial series

11.  Omer nail gun with Raptor composite brads.

12. Just added Festool Rotex 90 sander …  fantastic!!!

This is the main tools list and, yes, I quite like Festool gear! As more arrives I’ll update the list

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